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Like many of you, I suffer from headaches. In fact, I am writing this now because frankly... I woke up with a pounding headache. You might be wondering how I can bare to look at the harsh light of this laptop. Well, it's because I have followed my tried and true relief tricks that work for this crazy-cat-lady without cracking into the bottle of pills!* 1. Recognizing the Symptoms For me, my symptoms will depend on the type of headache I am about to get. If I have a tension headache brewing, I will start to get pain in the...

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So, I needed a way to display all of my jewelry here in my tiny little home boutique/office. But I am cheap as hell. And I needed immediate gratification, so it was time to get creative.  Cue, upcycled jewelry display! It’s simple. All you need are some binder clips (mine are gold because I am boujee AF) and a velvet clothes hanger (mine has hearts on it because... see the above).  I stuck some thumb tacks in the wall (though I wish I had nails or even pretty hooks... I was in a pinch) and attached the hangers to them....

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